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Geographical Coverage

Senekal Allen & Partners are active in various African countries. We have specialized vast experience and knowledge, unique to these countries, relating to building cost, culture and resources etc. We are based in Cape town and travel to any site on the global village. Countries where we have completed projects:

We work where your project is…..


Senekal Allen & Partners have been active in the industry for 32 years (2015) with a great history of successful projects. The range and type of projects we have completed among others include:

  •  Small, Neighbourhood, and regional size Shopping centers – one of our specialities
  • Mixed use developments  including retail, residential and offices
  • Multi story Office blocks (and parks)
  • Government projects including:
    • Department of defense bases
    • Harbour Quays and Specialised Marine Facilities
    • Correctional facilities
    • Provincial hospitals
    • Sports facilities
    • Auditorium and theater
    • Security Facilities, Police Stations and magistrate courts
  •  Industrial and food Industry  including:
    • Distribution centers and depots
    • Fruit packing facilities
    • Cold stage and freezer storage facilities
    • Warehouse storage and factory buildings
    • Abattoirs

  • Residential (luxury houses, estates, apartment blocks)
  • Parking Garages/Decks and Showrooms
  • Sport and Recreational Resort Complexes
  • Fitness and Training Centres
  • Hotels, Spa’s and Hostels
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  •  IT Data Centres
  •  Filling Stations/Service Stations
  • Technical Buildings

Green Building

We employ staff who has completed the professional green building accreditation course. Should the project or you as client required a green design even if in limited extend we can advise and support on green building aspects for your project.